“What makes a ‘good’ small business website?”

A "good" website is carefully planned to compliment your business with attractive design, relevant and useful information, and easy navigation. It is easy for your customers to find. It is easy for search engines to find. You will be able to better relate to your customers. These things are just the beginning. A good website will boost your credibility and increase your likelihood of making sales.

"Bad" small business websites may not just fail to deliver value, but may actually hurt your business performance. If your website is annoying, poorly organized, difficult to find or use, or does not provide what your visitors are looking for, they may dismiss you and move on to the next search result. Even if your website looks great, and you like it, it’s not worth the investment if it doesn’t add more value to your business than what you paid for it. You need a professional website designer who understands business–your business.